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The County Committee Sunlight Project is a grassroots effort to re-empower ordinary citizens by bringing to light information about the county committee system in NY state. 

With thousands of seats in NY state for both Republicans and Democrats, the county committee system was originally designed to give ordinary citizens a voice in how their party operates, however, today sadly the system is in a state of dysfunction, with most of the power going to a handful of party insiders. Major decisions are made behind closed doors and meaningful reforms are all too often subverted.

With the rapid changes our society is going through, it is essential to our democracy that the citizenry have a greater voice in how their government operates.

This system provides can provide an avenue for that voice. 

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Ben Yee Goes Over the Ins & Outs of the County Committee System

Ben Yee, Secretary of the Manhattan Democratic County Committee sat down with CC Sunlight's David Moore give an overview of how the county committee works.